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Eric Madeja

eric madeja environmental photographer
Eric Madeja is a multi-award winning environmental photographer based in Malaysian-Borneo. His main expertise lies in documenting environmental and socio-economic issues impacting on the marine ecosystem. Eric is the Executive Director of ConnectOcean Asia Pacific, a multifaceted business founded on environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Eric has been diving for the past twenty plus years, usually with a camera in his hands.

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Ken Kassem

ken kassem fisheries phd
Ken Kassem is a marine conservationist and student of fisheries management and policy. He worked on tropical marine conservation projects around the world for WWF, Wildlife Conservation Society, and World Resources Institute from 1997 to 2012 with extended stops in Washington DC, Fiji and Malaysia. Ken learned to dive in the springs of north Florida and worked as a dive master and instructor in Florida, Turkey and the Egyptian Red Sea.
Besides diving, Ken enjoys bird watching and long-distance cycling. He currently resides in Kyoto, Japan.

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